Wednesday, 11 January 2012

The Plan .

Alright , here goes the plan . Lets start with the basic since we all know foundation is important . Confidence , a very important role in daily life , especially when you're having a conversation with someone , or to speak out loud regarding an issue .You have to really know your stuff to maintain a conversation with someone or to speak out in front of others or else you'll literally drown as a loser -.-. Even when you're about to speak to a particular girl or a guy , you really need to know your language well and also be comfortable talking to them , or else you'll just go uhmm umhh umhh so uhmnnnh then all you'll get is a bye from them -.- ! okay lets just skip this guy and girl matter , i shall get back to you about it soon :p  . So now we know language and knowledge is a big factor towards your confidence . Oh come on , you know you cant survive knowing only your mother thumb language well in this world anymore , you need English guys ! English ... Mostly everyone knows English or maybe a tiny bit of it , and if you don't start learning to master it  now , you're going to face real hard time and Im dead serious : ) .So start reading guys ! throw away your stupid comics , its time to step into the arena of reality ! Read books that gives you knowledge and boost up your language skills . For example , even newspapers would help you to know the issues of the surrounding and also without knowingly increase the strength of your language . So does story books  , motivational books and etc which contains good language but NOT COMICS , don't dream you'll ever see Goku using Kameha to destroy the moon in your life . Well , guys let this be a stepping stone for you' ll , get the facts , the language skills and your confidence ready , as a matter of fact , your future actually partly depends on it . Trust me , there's no other feelings better than the feeling of being in charge of things and having enough requirements to walk towards a stranger and impress them with your !@#$%^&* , like a BOSS : ) So , guys don't you think its time for a change in your life ? lets get started then , and just for your information , your efforts now will be paid enough later on ...

Life has no smooth roads for any of us ;
and in the bracing atmosphere of a high aim the
very roughness stimulates the climber to steadier
steps, till the legend over steep ways to the star,
fulfills itself.

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