Tuesday, 10 January 2012

The Aim .

Hi. Well , there's nothing much to introduce about myself , so lets just get started towards what we call AWESOMENESS : ) . Hmm , the point of this blog is more to self motivation . I'm sure there's many of you all out there has very low confidence towards matters that involves your daily life . Most likely those who says things like " i'm poor , how can i ever build up my personality ? " and comparison between the rich kids and the poor kids . AHHH come on , we all have been in that state of situation where we were ashamed of ourselves because we couldn't afford those fancy looking outfits and things which we wished to have . Been there ya' ll ! Its just a matter of fact that you guys and girls should start realizing that , you don't have to be rich to be awesome , its the thoughts that makes you something amazing and that's what we aim for  , being someone in life : ) . As a matter of fact , i'm here to help you , but just for your information , I wont be changing you into someone else or guide you towards faking yourself in front of others .My job here is just to use my coolio looking fishing rod  , and fish out your awesomeness and those hidden talents from you .Well , I don't believe in second generation life's , so as for me I would just want to say that lets live our life like a BOSS  : ) .So then , that's mostly it for the introduction of what we're aiming for . Lets get started : )

   First say to yourself what you would be ;
  and then do what you have to do
  -Epictetus -


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