Sunday, 15 January 2012

The Motivation .

Alright , we know what we have in mind . A well built personality for the usage of the future . What we need is quality remarks and built in talents . Actually , why doubt you ever can achieve it while you're born as a person who actually can prove it well . So these are the questions you should ask yourself .... Why be unknown to people while just with a snap of the finger , you are able to bring up yourself towards being someone famous with so much good qualities in you ? Why speak like a retard to someone and get pushed away like a loser ? Why give up without even trying ? and Why would you ever let go of this opportunity of life to prove to the people which has bad impression towards you and actually thinks that you're worthless in everything ? Is it that you want to prove those jerks right ? No you don't .... I feel you .. Your imaginations are wide , your perspectives towards things are good , you want to be someone .. someone that has perfection in themselves .. someone who is confident enough to push away all those negative thoughts and reach towards positiveness . I understand you  .. because I am what you are .. we are humans , and we are all the same . The difference is just the efforts that we put to obtain perfection and achieve your dreams.. In the end of the day , that is all that matters .... achieving what you always wished for . So the main question now is .. are you willing to take the pain in the end of the day with the thoughts of that your dreams has always been a dream , and the only achievement you made is dreaming that you're someone in life and not even paying a single effort to reach towards it ? Are you willing to?  No.. you're not .. because we weren't born to live in pain.. We are born to write our own destiny .. to shape our own legacy in life , and certainly we're not here to lose in life ..In fact , we're here to taste freedom , happiness and the glories we achieved with our own sweat .. so lets start planning now towards health, wealth , pleasure and satisfaction of life because that's what a BOSS needs and we are here to live like a boss , STATE THAT IN MIND ! , and lets get going : )

I made my life my Monument
-Ben Johnson-

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

The Plan .

Alright , here goes the plan . Lets start with the basic since we all know foundation is important . Confidence , a very important role in daily life , especially when you're having a conversation with someone , or to speak out loud regarding an issue .You have to really know your stuff to maintain a conversation with someone or to speak out in front of others or else you'll literally drown as a loser -.-. Even when you're about to speak to a particular girl or a guy , you really need to know your language well and also be comfortable talking to them , or else you'll just go uhmm umhh umhh so uhmnnnh then all you'll get is a bye from them -.- ! okay lets just skip this guy and girl matter , i shall get back to you about it soon :p  . So now we know language and knowledge is a big factor towards your confidence . Oh come on , you know you cant survive knowing only your mother thumb language well in this world anymore , you need English guys ! English ... Mostly everyone knows English or maybe a tiny bit of it , and if you don't start learning to master it  now , you're going to face real hard time and Im dead serious : ) .So start reading guys ! throw away your stupid comics , its time to step into the arena of reality ! Read books that gives you knowledge and boost up your language skills . For example , even newspapers would help you to know the issues of the surrounding and also without knowingly increase the strength of your language . So does story books  , motivational books and etc which contains good language but NOT COMICS , don't dream you'll ever see Goku using Kameha to destroy the moon in your life . Well , guys let this be a stepping stone for you' ll , get the facts , the language skills and your confidence ready , as a matter of fact , your future actually partly depends on it . Trust me , there's no other feelings better than the feeling of being in charge of things and having enough requirements to walk towards a stranger and impress them with your !@#$%^&* , like a BOSS : ) So , guys don't you think its time for a change in your life ? lets get started then , and just for your information , your efforts now will be paid enough later on ...

Life has no smooth roads for any of us ;
and in the bracing atmosphere of a high aim the
very roughness stimulates the climber to steadier
steps, till the legend over steep ways to the star,
fulfills itself.

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

The Aim .

Hi. Well , there's nothing much to introduce about myself , so lets just get started towards what we call AWESOMENESS : ) . Hmm , the point of this blog is more to self motivation . I'm sure there's many of you all out there has very low confidence towards matters that involves your daily life . Most likely those who says things like " i'm poor , how can i ever build up my personality ? " and comparison between the rich kids and the poor kids . AHHH come on , we all have been in that state of situation where we were ashamed of ourselves because we couldn't afford those fancy looking outfits and things which we wished to have . Been there ya' ll ! Its just a matter of fact that you guys and girls should start realizing that , you don't have to be rich to be awesome , its the thoughts that makes you something amazing and that's what we aim for  , being someone in life : ) . As a matter of fact , i'm here to help you , but just for your information , I wont be changing you into someone else or guide you towards faking yourself in front of others .My job here is just to use my coolio looking fishing rod  , and fish out your awesomeness and those hidden talents from you .Well , I don't believe in second generation life's , so as for me I would just want to say that lets live our life like a BOSS  : ) .So then , that's mostly it for the introduction of what we're aiming for . Lets get started : )

   First say to yourself what you would be ;
  and then do what you have to do
  -Epictetus -